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For cleaning of fully immersible endoscopes, related accessories, surgical instruments, and other apparatus where blood, mucus, protein or other hard to remove soils are encountered, use INTERCEPT? at 10 mL/ 3.8 L of water (0.25% use concentration) with one full stroke of the hand-pump (30 mL) to 11.4 L of water. If visible organic matter is present, use INTERCEPT at 20 mL/3.8 L of water (0.5% concentration) which is two full strokes of the hand-pump (60 mL) to 11.4 L of water. For best manual cleaning results, mix INTERCEPT with cool to warm water 20°C - 35°C and ensure a minimum contact time of (1) one minute. Rinse all surfaces and internal channels thoroughly with water. For use in automated washers, follow washer manufacturer’s recommendations. Do not mix INTERCEPT with bleach.

为全浸式内窥镜清洗相关配件、手术器械等设备,血液、粘液、蛋白质或其他难以去除的油污时,使用INTERCEPT清洗剂10毫升/ 3.8升的水(0.25%浓度)与手动泵一次全行程(30毫升)11.4 L水。如果可见的有机物是存在的,使用INTERCEPT清洗剂20毫升/ 3.8升的水(0.5%的浓度),这是2个全招的手泵(60毫升)到11.4升的水。为了获得最佳的手动清洗效果,混合截击与冷却水20°C - 35°C和确保最低接触时间(1)1分钟。彻底冲洗所有表面及内部渠道。用于自动清洗器时可以遵照清洗器厂家的推荐清洗方法。切记不能将INTERCEPT清洗剂与漂白剂混合!

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MEDIVATORS INTERCEPT清洗剂请按照清洗指南方法清洗,切记不能将INTERCEPT清洗剂与漂白剂混合!

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